We at Oriole Golf Club are committed to keeping our golf facility COVID-19 Safe for all members, customers and staff. We have been and will continue daily cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all contact areas in and around the club. Oriole will be following all social distancing guidelines. Oriole staff will be wearing face coverings and gloves per state, county and local guidelines. We have installed a plastic screens at the golf shop counter of both Oriole Golf Club and the Margate Executive Golf Course to be between the customer and the golf shop staff.

We plan on Opening the golf course, practice facilities, restaurant and bar the instance we get the go ahead from county and local governments. Please keep in mind that we anticipate the county to implement a two or three step phased approach to the reopening, Below are just a few important things to know before you arrive at Oriole Golf Club:

> Every staff and customer will adhere to the social distancing guidelines of at least six feet between yourself and any other person.

> All players will be responsible for bringing their own golf equipment to a designated area. Our staff will not be coming into contact with the customers or their equipment.

> We will have separate entry and exit doors to the golf shop and a face covering is required to enter the building.

> The restaurant entrance will remain closed. The restaurant and bar will be open for take out only until further notice. No sit down areas will be provided. Take out orders can be placed through the beverage cart attendant only.

> Only one person in each bathroom at a time. This pertains to both on course and in club house rest rooms.

>The ice and water station will be closed.

> We will have a beverage cart circling the golf course. The beverage cart attendant will wear face covering and gloves. NO PLAYER will be allowed to touch anything on the beverage cart.

> These are just a few of the guidelines we all need to follow once we reopen. We will be updating this list as need be. Thank you for your future cooperation.